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Live an incredible experience

Dive changes the way you watch movies and series forever.

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Any question you ask yourself while watching a movie or series, Dive can answer it in real-time, since we collect and select all the content related to each scene: actors, characters, fashion, fun facts, locations, soundtracks, vehicles…

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Enjoy the Dive experience by Diving into your favorite movies and series broadcast by channels like: FOX, NBC, ABC, CBS, Comedy Central, FX, USA Network and AMC. And remember, you will also be able to enjoy Dive when you use streaming apps like HBO, Netflix and Hulu, by synchronizing your movie or series with the audio. On Dive, we offer additional information in real-time for the movie or series you're watching, but you will not be able to play your movies and series through our service since Dive is not a streaming app.

Dive into the content of more than 2,500 titles

Dive into every detail: characters, actors, fun facts, fashion…

Who is that actress?

Where can I buy her dress?

Where was that scene filmed?

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